Passenger transport

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„eTransportas“ is transport monitoring service for businesses with at least one car and seeking to reduce fleet management costs and optimize productivity.
Monitor and control your vehicles location and efficiency related parameters.

punktass The service is provided 24/7.
punktass Honest drivers work is ensured.
punktass Easy to use the service – all you need is a web browser.
punktass High-quality service and consulting – equipment installation, training and answers to your questions.


What is the benefit?

Your objects/clients
Enter an unlimited number of stationary objects!  Visited objects and addresses are shown in the reports and driving journals. You will be notified about your driver’s arrival at a certain object and departure from it, also about any deviations from the formed route. User interface is really convenient: you can enter the objects by address, point on the map, the history of stops or coordinates.

Driving journal is automatically filled in based on the standard requirements.

Detailed reports including speeding, fuel consumption. Driving data is provided during the working hours and later on.

Driver identification
This is important when dealing with traffic violations: speeding and so on. Working time reports are formed by a certain driver as well as by vehicle.

Optimal route planning
according the entered address or object (up to 10 points) influences decreasing fuel consumption and higher efficiency.

Automobile reservation
enables you to see all the cars that are free to use and you can reserve them in one screen from any workplace. Besides, it helps to avoid duplications of reservations and it is easy to control the car damages.

Connection control
Central Monitoring Center works 24/7 and promptly responds to alarm messages: activation of an alarm button, alarm or door opening, movement from pre-defined safety zone, connection loss, disconnection of external accumulator. Monitoring Center operators can turn off vehicle’s engine or turn on audible sirens remotely thus preventing illegal use or stealing of the vehicle.

Integration with the programs used in your company.

Reminders of car maintenance and insurance expiration.

Track your vehicles on smart devices – become a client and download our app.

Chat with your driver, send him tasks, routes to a smart device and share files with service „eTransportas-biuras“



Tracking devices from 115€
Subscription fee from 6€ /month


Tracking devices from 200€
Subscription fee from 11€ /month


Tracking devices from 200€
Subscription fee from 8€ /month