Heavy vehicles

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„eTransportas“ is transport monitoring and control service for businesses, seeking to reduce fleet management costs and optimize productivity.
Monitor and control your heavy vehicles location and efficiency related parameters 24/7.

„eTransportas“ helps you to ensure honest work of your drivers and it is easy to use – all you need is a web browser.  Besides, you get high-quality service
and consulting: equipment installation, training and answers to your questions.

Monitor your vehicles:

punktass location;
punktass route;
punktass speed;
punktass fuel consumption;
punktass drivers working time;
punktass visited objects.

What is the benefit?

Fuel consumption control
Monitor fuel level change in the fuel tank. Reports are available in graphical and numerical forms and may be exported to PDF and XLS formats. Fuel theft facts, refueling dates, time and place are registered.

Driving journal
is automatically filled in based on the standard requirements.

Detailed reports
including driving journal according the visited states, driving distance for the selected period of time, fuel consumption, report on fuel-efficient driving (taking the data from onboard computer).

Driver identification
This is important when dealing with traffic violations: speeding and so on. Working time reports are formed by a certain driver as well as by vehicle.

Driving quality
report allows to evaluate driving performance of an individual employee  and notice the mistakes.


Drivers working time
Remote accounting of the driver cards (.ddd format), showing them in a report in web application or exporting to other accounting programs.

Reminders of car maintenance and insurance expiration.

Chat with your drivers
Free chatting and file exchange with drivers via the app in your smartphone or tablet, using computer or GARMIN navigation.

Optimal route planning
according the entered address or object (up to 10 points) influences decreasing fuel consumption and higher efficiency.

Integration with the programs used in your company.

Track your vehicles on smart devices – become a client and download our app.

Chat with your driver, send him tasks, routes to a smart device and share files with service „eTransportas-biuras“



Tracking devices from 115€
Subscription fee from 6€ /month


Tracking devices from 200€
Subscription fee from 11€ /month


Tracking devices from 200€
Subscription fee from 8€ /month